In the distant, faraway future...
The year is 2024. Jeff Bezos has broken the Moon in half with one of his Amazon delivery rockets. This has caused the tides on Earth to shift, pieces of the Moon are falling, and people are in a panic as their planet crumbles before their eyes. Only one place remains habitable: Nebraska. In 2023, the Republicans decided to build a dome over the entire state to protect the residents from Democrat ideology. Little did they know... not only did they save a few souls, they gave humanity a fighting chance.
As part of the Do Not Worry (DNW) program, the FED confiscated all the world's mining equipment and declared crypto illegal. The SEC has been put in charge of hunting down the remaining degens in the land. Meanwhile, the FED keeps pooling all leftover resources into Nebraska to build a giant space rocket to find a new home... not for the citizens, but for the FIAT Elites.
One of those resources is ISRM. It is a powerful binding agent that magically fuels production and transportation, essential in building their means of escape. Thanks to ISRM, people are able to connect scrap pieces of leftover electronics, enhance and reuse them for the purpose of escape.
After a recent semi-successful heist on one of the FED mining facilities, Mr. Stonk and Doge are hiding out in Loop City. It is the only place free of SEC agents, but time to leave the planet is running short. In order to acquire the needed gas for escape, they’ve got to get down to business: They must utilize what is left of the blockchain to mine more fuel and obtain the gas necessary to escape in their Lambo Space Rocket. The need for ISRM has never been greater. The stakes have never been higher. The future of humanity is in your hands!
The Last Bastion for Degens