STONK Engine & Insert Stonks

The blockchain engine that makes Road2Moon - and any other game - a real Play2Earn game

The Ultimate Web 3.0 Game Development & Marketing Toolkit

Road2Moon's Play2Earn tokenization is all made possible with the STONK Engine... a revolutionary blockchain engine that economizes any game, within minutes!
Simply plug this advanced blockchain API suite into your game. That's it.
Finally, game developers can implement all the benefits of blockchain tech and monetize their games in a way like never before.
There's no need to hire a blockchain coder or know any blockchain code. This seriously breaks down the barrier to entry for game developers & gamers to monetize gameplay.
And it's not just Road2Moon. This powerful suite is what powers all games on the Insert Stonks Web 3.0 gaming platform.
Learn all about it: https://stonkengine.io/
Wait, what is Insert Stonks?

Insert Stonks - Web 3.0 Gaming Platform

Insert Stonks is a fun, safe and user-friendly platform for Play2Earn games independent from the ups and downs of individual games.
At its heart is the STONK Engine, and the STNX utility token which provides liquidity and increases in value as the number of games and users increase. Those who buy STNX don't just invest in one game, but all the games in the Insert Stonks ecosystem. Click here to learn about the STNX Referral Program.
Road2Moon is the flagship title starting it all.
We're starting a Play AND Earn revolution and we invite all of you to join us for the ride!
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