ISRM is a dense, magical fuel mined outside of the city in the Fields of Hopium. A pristine land rich in ISRM, divided into ​​1,295 Plots. This is the only area in Nebraska containing this raw material. Fortunately, it is usually a safe haven from SEC attacks.

The First Degens that arrived in Nebraska built Garages on each plot of land. Each Garage, based on the set of the NFT items inside, produces a certain amount of Shills.

You can use these Shills to extract ISRM - the one and only magic fuel wanted by so many. The production is abased on the current market status. So the basic Shill Power of the Fields of Hopium can fluctuate.

So far, Shills have had no application other than the production of ISRM. However, the world's renown scientists and Loop City's most intelligent figures are brainstorming over how Shills could be used aside from just producing ISRM. As soon as they discover a different use, Shills can become even more valuable and help in the war against the FIAT Elites.

Mining will also be gamified. Degens will be incentivized to maximize their output through ISRM and NFT ownership.

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