ISRM Token

After the destruction of the Moon, ISRM has become the ultimate material that enables you to build and fuel the machines that allow people to survive in this hostile environment. Without it, all would be lost! The extraction of ISRM by Shills must happen no matter what.
The ultimate purpose of this substance is to build and fuel the Lambo Space Rocket. If degens from Loop City manage to pull this off, they can liberate themselves from the rule of the FIAT Elites and escape Earth in search of a new home in space...
ISRM is Road2Moon's token reward you gain for playing the game!
This token is minted on Solana mainnet. Here are some reasons why Solana was chosen:
  • Over 60,000 Transactions Per Second, fastest in the industry
  • Super low gas fees
  • Powerful Proof-of-History Consensus Algorithm
  • A thriving and exponentially growing community of developers & investors
When and where does ISRM launch?
The token will be listed on central and decentralized exchanges (DEXes) around the end of Q2 and the beginning of Q3 2022.
Specific listings will be announced later in Q2.


We are willing and able to give as much power to the players as possible. We know that a fully open healthy market, without whales and manipulations, is the best chance of benefiting us all.
Here are our tokenomics:
Max Token Supply 50,000,000,000 ISRM
Initial Token Price $0.0015
  • Mining & Burning Reserve: 37,500,000,000 ISRM (75.0% of total supply) Initially, tokens from this reserve will be used to partially support the Mining Pool in order to achieve its weekly minimum ISRM distribution of 10,000,000 ISRM. Tokens from this reserve enter circulation ONLY through miner rewards. This reserve will be burned only when the following conditions are met:
    • In-game traffic is high enough that the Mining Pool is entirely supplied by tokens coming from in-game fees and payments, i.e. NFTs, LVLups, Public Prize Pool Arena, NFT Drop Arena, and more.
    • Enough accumulated ISRM to meet the weekly minimum distribution for 4 months
  • Public Prize Pool Arena Reserve: 6,400,000,000 (12.8% of total supply) At the beginning of the game, tokens from this pool will be supporting the Public Prize Pool Arena. Tokens from this reserve can enter circulation ONLY through the Public Prize Pool Arena. No more than 5,000,000 ISRM per week can be added to the Public Prize Pool Arena. Once the Public Prize Pool Arena hits 10,000 participants 10 times in a row, all the tokens from Public Prize Pool Arena Reserve will be burned.
  • Rewards and Ecosystem Reserve: 2,000,000,000 ISRM (4.0% of total supply) Tokens intended for ecosystem support: staking, rewards, suppliers, airdrops, bonus tokens and more.
  • Team Tokens: 4,000,000,000 ISRM (8.0% of total supply) Tokens minted and released to the founders, team, developers and advisors' wallets over time. On the TGE, 0% of tokens will be distributed to founders’ wallets. Overall, the Team Tokens will have a linear 24-month vesting period with a 3-month cliff.
  • Exchanges: 150,000,000 ISRM (0.2% of total supply) Tokens allocated for initial DEX/CEX liquidity.