Our Team

Who's behind this project?
Road2Moon is being developed by the in-house development team of Insert Stonks & the STONK Engine. Check out our team: https://insertstonks.io/#team
Six co-founders came together specifically for their expertise in key areas crucial for business success in this industry:
  • Gaming market & industry
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Finance & Tokenomics
  • Marketing & Fundraising
  • Design & User Experience
Our team members has been involved in the crypto markets and industry since 2016. This is the founding team's first crypto project. All of them have run successful multiple 7-figure entertainment, media & marketing businesses.
Our team is fully DOXXED, you can find AMAs and interviews on our YouTube channel.

The Team & Advisory Board

Currently, we have over 50 people on our team.
Our team and advisory board include:
  • Managing Director of Cardano Platform
  • Co-founder of one of Canada’s largest crypto exchanges
  • CEOs of top gaming studios and a manager at Autodesk, providing software for AAA studios such as Ubisoft, CD Project, EA games.
  • CEO of SingularityDAO and renowned tokenomics experts who have helped design our tokenomics
  • A founder of gaming guilds and game economy expert
  • Venture Capital Partners
  • Top marketers & startup builders with millions of dollars in sales under their belt
  • AI and blockchain development experts previously working with NASA, DARPA, NVIDIA
  • An army of game designers & developers

Funds are Safu

We guarantee the security of project funds. Team and investor tokens have a long vesting schedule to protect the price from dumping after launch. This is to give the community reassurance that the founders and investors are in the project for the long-term. The team is available via support channels to answer any specific questions you might have about the project. All your feedback on the project and team presentation is much appreciated!
Our Biggest Milestones So Far
So far, our STONK Engine MVP is 80% complete. You can check our wallet system here: https://wallet.insertstonks.io/ We've got 6 games under development; Road2Moon is launching its beta in Q3 2022.
Not only that, there are 30 more games waiting in queue to test our blockchain engine. We've built a super strong team and board, grown our community on a shoestring budget, spoken at a conference in Dubai, and established over 50 partnerships with other projects and communities. We're constantly growing and evolving to make the best experience for developers and gamers worldwide.
To read more about the Founders, Team & Insert Stonks project behind Road2Moon, please visit: https://insertstonks.io/#team