Racing & Gamification

As a true degen and Loop City citizen, you know that nothing is more important than being able to collect ISRM fuel... while avoiding the SEC.
All degens must keep their guard in all aspects of life. Whoever you are - a miner, staker, or racer - you will be chased by the SEC from time to time. When that happens, you must do whatever you can to get away. Always. Otherwise, you let them prey on your hard-earned coins.
The SEC knows that you are safe among other degens. The difficult part starts when you need to change location - this is when the SEC attacks! Whenever you are traveling between game modes or between arenas through the Highway of Shorts.
Elon & Doge cruising on the Highway of Shorts
Racing looks easy, but you need to know some tips to even the odds with the SEC and have a fighting chance of running away. Below, you will find instructions on how to become the best racer on the Highway of Shorts.
  • You are speeding up an eight-lane highway
  • Your mission: Avoid the vehicles on the way - if you crash or slow down too much then the SEC will catch you.
  • Be careful! Not only are there SEC agents chasing you, watch out for their spies driving towards you from oncoming traffic - they'll try to crash right into you to stop your escape!
  • Red cars and trucks will never go out of their way to crash into you, but be aware of yellow Cadillacs and the police. They're after you and your sweet, sweet gains!
  • Remember: Your car also has special features that allow you to drive like a more efficient degen! Activate PUMP to speed up, or activate DUMP to slow down time and get out of the stickiest of situations.
  • During the SEC chase, you can benefit by collecting the coins randomly scattered on the road - the longer you manage not to crash and the more coins you gather, the higher your score!
  • The score you get allows you to safely arrive at different arenas, claim your rewards, implement NFTs, stake coins, and more.
  • Most of the in-game activities require you to prove your driving skill. Meaning... you have to have skill! But you won't lose anything if you don't put anything on the line, so don't worry.
  • Also, you'll be able to put your avatar NFT behind the wheel for the ride.
Check out gameplay footage here! Beta access will be announced on our Discord #announcements channel.