Public Prize Pool Arena

The most crowded place in Loop City, the Prize Pool Arena (PPA) is where everyone can race and try to win the Prize Pool. The top score winners are announced every few days at random.
The 10 top scoring racers get the Prize, along with a random group of lucky winners picked from all racers competing in Public Prize Pool Arena. The Prize Pool will be closed and information about the winners will be announced every few days.
In order to race in the PPPA and fight for the Prize Pool, you need to use some ISRM to fuel your car. The ISRM required for this is determined live based on the current price of ISRM on the market and the size of the Prize Pool.
The ISRM spent by the racers is distributed to the following:
  • Prize Pool
  • Community Pool
  • Mining Pool
Loop City is a safe haven welcome to all. Some come for the shelter it provides from the SEC. Some come here with aspirations of striking it big in the races. Others come with the hope of escaping to the moon. All strive to live the Degen Dream. Everyone gets a chance to win the Prize in the Arena. Whether or not they own any NFT item or land plot, anyone can take a shot at the prize in the PPPA.
Practice Arena You can drive in the practice arena to improve your skills for free. No need to risk your ISRM. Take as much time as you need to prepare yourself for escaping from the SEC and for competing in events.
Loop City Subsidy We, as Loop City Representatives, supply the Prize Pool with additional ISRM to incentivize all newcomers to participate. We remember how hard it is to survive in this tech jungle as a fledgling degen. We're here to support you and your degen mates in your journey!
Prize Pool Source In the Public Prize Pool Arena, everyone can fight for the Prize Pool. It is supplied by:
  • ISRM from Loop City (Reserve)
  • ISRM recovered from the SEC
  • ISRM from players entering to compete for the Prize Pool