🌙Road2Moon Litepaper 2.0

Road2Moon is the first skill-based racing game based on Solana coming out in 2022.

Built on Unity, you can play it right out of your browser on Mac & PC. It aims to be the first blockchain game in which success is based on skill, not luck or investment size.

Easy to play, hard to master, endlessly replayable with multiple game modes and features: PvP, community competitions, private tracks, leaderboards, prize pools, and more.

Road2Moon is NOT... ...a "clicker economy" where the "gameplay" is clicking on static images, claiming your farm, adding NFTs and so on. Many so-called "blockchain games" or "P2E games" are not games at all, but investor-vs-investor pyramid schemes where early investors gain and later investors are left holding the bags. Some earn, others get burned.

Road2Moon is... a REAL GAME. Our mission is to show that traditional games can grow like never before by implementing engaging and sustainable monetization models.

This is all made possible with the STONK Engine, a revolutionary Web 3.0 monetization engine that economizes the game. Meaning, players can compete to earn money playing games.

The financial and crypto layer on top of it is just an addition to enable gamers to monetize their skills and reward them for their time playing the game - something traditional games have yet to offer.

If you wish to participate in this financial layer, you can mine and stake the game's own token, ISRM, which players like you can earn for profit in multiple ways! Not only that, there are a multitude of NFTs that enhance your gameplay experience and rewards without breaking the game.

Because first and foremost... this is very important... a game has to be FUN to Play!

Most P2E games are either boring, have a high barrier to entry, and unsustainable economies leading to a lack of trust. Road2Moon shows developers and gamers that a game can be made P2E without having to know any blockchain coding thanks to the Stonk Engine... and actually be fun to play while rewarding players for their skill.

This is true Play AND Earn, not Pay2Win or Pay2Earn.

You might say it's a game-changer. 🎮 😉

Road2Moon Beta

The Road2Moon beta will be released in late Q2 2022.

Our NFT launch is coming soon!

Join our thriving Discord community and participate in weekly Whitelist giveaways and later a chance to participate in the R2M beta!

What is the whitelist?

Members of our community on our whitelist are able to access exclusive benefits.

If you gain a whitelist pass, you can participate in a particular wave of the upcoming game NFT mint. You can read more about the utilities and benefits of game NFTs in this Litepaper!

Whitelist Passes

Not only do these WL passes allow you to access our Wave NFT launch... they are NFTs themselves, minted on Magic Eden marketplace. You can trade them as you see fit!

For questions and support about the whitelist and game: All announcements are posted in our Discord and Twitter.

Join our community!

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