Land Plots & Ownership

Early concept art for the Garage
Plots are units of land in the Fields of Hopium. Each Plot has a Garage already built on it. Garages give you the ability to be safe and mine Shills and later extract ISRM from it.
In a basic Garage, you have 3.00 points of space to store NFTs. Also, you will be able to upgrade your Garage in order to make it more efficient. Upgrades require a certain amount of ISRM, and the prices of upgrades will vary.
Initially, there will be 150 out of 1,295 Plots for sale that will be sold to Early Access players. Later, when the game opens and evolves, all Plots will be distributed and sold to players. Within 24 months after the game launches, there will be 12 in-game waves of NFT Land Plots. These sales will be performed at least once every 2 months.
Last modified 1yr ago