Generally, everyone can move freely in Road2Moon. Nothing happens if the SEC catches you with... well, nothing. But if you're transporting valuable tokens from the Fields of Hopium to Loop City, or from Loop City to Lambo Space Rocket Launchpad, that's when you need to be careful. Make sure that the SEC doesn't catch you, or else you'll lose some tokens.
This is why developing skill is important in this game. The more skilled you are, the more tokens you can earn -- and keep!
The biggest risk of mining on the Fields of Hopium is that you need to cross the Highway of Shorts in order to deliver ISRM to Loop City. You're safe in the city, but outside of town, you're only safe as long as you're faster than the SEC. They're ready to chase all degens transporting any amount of ISRM, so every street or highway holds danger.
You must be careful with how much you transport at one time. Once the SEC catches you, some amount of your ISRM transported is lost. If you get caught, it is either taken by the SEC (and burned), or the stolen ISRM may be recovered by the Guardians of Loop City - the pure-blooded degens. When ISRM is recovered, parts of it goes into 3 pools:
  • Current Public Prize Pool Arena
  • Community Pool
  • Mining Pool
Keep in mind, the higher value ISRM has, the more the SEC is surveilling the Highway of Shorts. The higher the price of ISRM, the harder it is to transport it to the City. Make sure you make strategic decisions daily so you can extract and keep as much ISRM as possible!