⛏️Mining Pool

The Mining Pool is distributed among all the farmers. It is the ONLY pool from which mining rewards come.

  1. The Mining Pool completes a round every week.

  2. At the end of each week, the round is finished and then its size is announced and divided by 7.

  3. That amount is distributed daily to the miners throughout the following week.

Ex. The Mining Pool finishes on Sunday with 7,000,000 ISRM, which is announced. Then 1,000,000 ISRM will be distributed daily among all the miners for the following week.

The amount of ISRM that miners get depends on the amount of Shills that they have managed to mine, i.e. using their NFTs. The amount of Shills they have determines what percentage of the mining pool will go to their wallet.

Ex. On Monday, all miners in the game, including you, have mined a community total of 50,000 Shills. During that day, you were able to mine 1,500 Shills - 3% of total Shills mined. That means you are eligible to claim 3% of the amount of ISRM allotted for miners on Monday.

Our Primary Goal

At the end of the day, the Mining Pool will be supplied ONLY by tokens coming from in-game fees and payments from NFTs, LVLups, Public Prize Pool Arena, NFT Drop Arena, and more. We will be giving back to the Mining Pool 40% of the tokens going our way. This way, we're able to establish a closed economy with little to no inflation.

Initially, the Pool be powered by in-game fees as well as the Mining & Burning Reserve. The minimum amount distributed from the Mining Pool per week is 10,000,000 ISRM. It will never get lower than this.

Once the Pool collects 10,000,000 ISRM weekly purely from in-game fees and payments, the Mining & Burning Reserve will be burned.

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