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The Lambo Space Rocket Staking Launchpad

On the outskirts of Loop City, Mr. Stonk and Doge are secretly building a space rocket. Their mission is to fly into outerspace in search of a future home for Loop City residents. This is a cooperative effort, and degens are the kind of people who support each other.
All Loop City residents have agreed to support the construction of the rocket. If you want to join them, don't hesitate - you can lock (stake) some of your ISRM in the rocket and get rewards for it!
The rewards will vary based on the amount of ISRM staked. All the ISRM staked will also give you lottery tickets to participate in the giveaways of ISRM and whitelist slots for upcoming NFT events.
When Mr. Stonk and Doge gather enough ISRM to finish building the rocket and launch, they will create an entirely new range of earning possibilities and new game mechanics... and an entirely new game will be introduced.
Keep in mind that Mr. Stonk and Doge and the citizens of Loop City will never forget your help.
Help them build the Lambo Space Rocket and blast off into the future!