🦅Early Access

Only those with a Road2Moon NFT (excluding Whitelist Pass) in their wallet will be able to join the early access of the game. This early access phase will be open for 4 weeks. Then it will be closed before the open public access.

Early access will give participants the option to:

NFTs in R2M will not just be another speculative asset, or useless profile pic. They will have REAL utility. They'll grant you Early Access to the Road2Moon game itself.

Benefits of being an NFT holder & Early Access:

  • NFT holders will get an airdrop of ISRM token to play for a chance to win Prize Pools! Everyone will get 2500 ISRM initially.

  • When you win ISRM, you’ll later be able to cash out when the token is listed on exchanges and sell there. Remember, ISRM token cannot be purchased — there will NOT be any presale.

  • All ISRM you win during Early Access can be used in the public game. So, if you gain a lot, you may become a Road2Moon whale! 😄 But remember, R2M is NOT another Pay2Win game. You must always practice your racing skills, or hire scholars to race for you, if you want to keep beating your high scores and keep winning! 😉

  • You can get ISRM for providing feedback & identifying bugs about the game in our support channel. We will send a survey to the most active players after checking activity.

  • You can win ISRM by getting better at racing and getting top high scores for the Prize Pool Arena.

  • Get a head start with Freeplay Mode! Practice your racing in this mode without having to spend ISRM, to get ahead of others that will start playing the game later when it’s released.

Earn ISRM by completing onboarding tutorials & weekly quests

  • 3 events per week, including Race against the founders — win big prizes for beating their high scores. One of the Insert Stonks team members will race live on stream, to hit a personal high score of the day. If you can beat their score and verify, you win a prize!

  • Hitting over 200K points 3 times in a row will result in a reward

  • Hitting 100K points 10 times in a row will result in a reward

  • Finding an in-game bug will be rewarded — the player that finds the biggest bug in Early Access will be rewarded even more.

  • Hitting the highest score in the whole community during a certain week , i.e. the top 3 scoring players, will be rewarded

  • We will give a random reward for the “prettiest” score, i.e. 99 999 points. 🥰

  • Rewards will be given to the players that will record a gameplay of over 200K with camera that the team can use for online content.

  • Other weekly themed events will feature big ISRM prizes

  • Players will be able to compete against influencers who have partnered with Insert Stonks!

  • Race against partners and partner communities while we do an AMA — partners fund prizes, especially if we do it on their Discord server. People will be able to vote on who will win and cheer for the winner! This would be a lot of fun, and some trashtalking may ensue.

  • For Content Creators— Get ISRM for making video content & streams and inviting people into our discord. Each video gets a fee; top inviters get even more ISRM! We’ll have an influencer application process if you’re an interested influencer.

  • Mystery ISRM giveaways for participating and doing crazy things to help our project 😄

As we develop the Early Access phase, we’ll continue to refine it and execute on further exciting ideas to add even more value and benefits for users who hold our NFTs. Don’t miss out on our Early Access!

But what if I don’t have a whitelist pass?

If you don’t have one, but still want to participate in the Early Access, you have 2 options:

⚠︎ RISKY: You could wait and see if there are any NFTs remaining after the Wave launch when all whitelist holders have minted theirs. If there are any left, the Wave will become open to the public for purchase then.

NOTE: This is only assuming there will be any left, as there is high demand for this Wave. Choosing to wait could cost you the chance to acquire one.

🔑 GUARANTEED: You can acquire a pass from other community members on Magic Eden marketplace: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/road_2_moon

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